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Quitting smoking could be the single most important health decision you ever make! In the U.S. Surgeon General reported there is no safe level of exposure to cigarette smoke. It contains more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds of them are dangerous, and at least 69 are cancer-causing.

In the U.S., one in every five deaths is caused by smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. That's more than 440,000 deaths each year - or 1,200 every day! So-called 'light' cigarettes don't decrease the risk of disease and early death; they just fool us into thinking there are safe levels of smoking. In reality, smoking is many times more deadly than all illegal drugs combined!


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There's plenty of good news, though. First, quitting smoking could be easier than you think. Second, the more times you've tried to quit before, the better your odds of quitting for good this time. Finally, tobacco damage begins to reverse, and risk of tobacco-related illness decreases, from the moment you stop smoking.

QuitNet's QuitGuide is a science and evidence-based 'user manual' for ex-smokers. It mirrors the quit process step by step -- from finding your own reasons for quitting to making sure you never have to quit again.

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Table of Contents
Why Should I Quit? | How Should I Quit?
It’s Quit-Day! What Should I Do?
How Do I Stay Quit This Time? | Notes

My Quitting Guide
How Should I Quit?

A. Find Your Own Reasons to Quit

B. Learn From Your Quit History

C. Consider Quit-Medication

D. Pick a Quit-Date

E. Plan For the Rough Spots

F. Set Up a Support Network

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