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Participating in the Chat Rooms:
The QuitNet chat rooms are not currently moderated, which means we don't guarantee the type of content, or the behavior of Q members, in them. If you decide to participate in QuitNet chat, you hereby waive and release the officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers and others acting on behalf of QuitNet.com, Inc., and agencies and organizations that have a contractual partnership with QuitNet.com, Inc., from any and all legal and equitable claims, liability, and responsibility based upon any injury, loss, harm, or damage resulting from your participation in QuitNet chat.

Acceptable Use Policy
Reminder: Adherence to our AUP Acceptable Use Policy is required in chat just as in all other areas of QuitNet. Explicit content of a sexual or violent nature is prohibited, as are personal attacks, harassment, encouraging relapse, and frivolous (non-AUP) complaints against other members. All reports are investigated; Q members who violate the AUP will face possible deactivation and/or permanent blocking from QuitNet. In addition, posts that promote a commercial or personal website, product, or service (smoking related or not), by or for an individual or organization that benefits from the sale or use of that website, product, or service, will result in the content being removed and the author(s) being blocked from the chatrooms, forums, and/or QuitNet as a whole.

Problems with Chat Access
If you experience difficulty connecting to the server review the Check for Shockwave/Flash page to see if the correct player is installed. If you continue to have a problem with the chat server, fill out a Problem Report including the details about which operating system and browser you are using AND what you see on the screen, so we can get things straightened out as quickly as possible.

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